Fog City Auctions is a San Francisco-based auction and sales assistant. We focus on helping businesses and individuals sell unwanted items. We manage all ends of the sales process from research, photography and listing to publicity, packaging, shipping and all elements of the relationship with the buyer. From collectibles to furniture to designer apparel, electronics, and much much more, Fog City Auctions will design a strategy to maximize the sale value of whatever it is you wish to sell. Rates vary and are quoted based on the scope of each project. Please call, email, or direct message us for further information.

General Process

  • Client Contacts us with a list of their items they wish to sell- as much description as possible, and photos would be helpful!
  • We research the items, and provide our best estimates for the market value.
  • Based on the scope of the items, we then provide a quote for the various transaction fees and for the services of Fog City Auctions.  All fees and rates are quoted by the project, and vary based on the required time-frames of the seller (if any), the nature of the items, size and weight, and the type of required fulfillment- be it shipping, delivery, buyer direct pickup, and so on.
  • If we move forward, we will then handle the preparation of the sales listings, all communication with the buyer, collection and merchandise exchange.
  • If items are to be shipped, we will provide a detailed inventory for any items taken into our possession.
  • Payments for items sold are sent to clients at the beginning of each month for the prior month of activity. So an item sold in June would be paid in early July.